Credits: Sathy Ngouane

Credits: Sathy Ngouane

Christophe La Pinta is trained in classical music. From the age of eight years, he studies percussions at the Conservatory of Toulon and at the University of Nice where he obtains a Bachelor's degree of ethnomusicology.

In 1995, he is awarded of the Foundation BMI competition « Peter Carpenter Fellowship ». This prize offers him the opportunity to work close to the composer Mike Post, and the learning of writing through the serie NYPD Blue.

In 2015, he composes 'L'affaire SK1' original soundtrack, directed by Frédéric Tellier. The film wins several prizes in France and abroad.

He writes partitions of the comedies 'Prêt à tout' and 'La chance de ma vie' directed by Nicolas Cuche, 'Sans laisser de traces' by Grégoire Vigneron, and signs arrangements for 'Erreur de la banque en votre faveur' directed by Michel Munz.

He also composes 'La ruée vers l'art' original soundtrack, a documentary for cinema, directed by Marianne Lamour.

Christophe has composed many TV series, like 'Spin' (Les hommes de l'ombre), released in UK, directed by Frédéric Tellier with Nathalie Baye.


  • 'Columbine' (90’ - TF1) by Dominique Barron

  • 'Une mort annoncée' (Documentary - Cinema) by Sabrina Van Tassel

  • 'In the Bottle' (Documentary - Cinema) by Mickan Bond



  • 2018 : 'Sauver ou périr' by Frédéric Tellier

  • 2015 : 'L'affaire SK1' by Frédéric Tellier

  • 2014 : 'Prêt à tout' by Nicolas Cuche

  • 2013 : 'Un prince (presque) charmant' by Philippe Lellouche

  • 2013 : 'La ruée vers l'art' by Marianne Lamour

  • 2011 : 'La chance de ma vie' by Nicolas Cuche

  • 2010 : 'Sans laisser de traces' by Grégoire Vigneron

  • 2009: 'Erreur de la banque en votre faveur' by G.Bitton et M. Munz






  • 2015-...: 'Chérif'

  • 2015-...: 'Nina'

  • 2012-2016: 'Les hommes de l'ombre'

  • 2000-2015: 'Boulevard du palais'

  • 2012: 'Inquisitio'

  • 2007-2009: 'Un flic'

  • 2006: 'David Nolande'


  • 2019: 'Meurtres en Lorraine' by René Manzor

  • 2018: 'Deux gouttes d'eau' by Nicolas Cuche

  • 2016: 'Après moi le bonheur' by Nicolas Cuche

  • 2009: 'Obsessions' by Frédéric Tellier

  • 2007: 'Ali Baba et les 40 voleurs' by Pierre Aknine

  • 2007: 'Autopsy' by Jérôme Anger

  • 2006: 'Marie-Antoinette, la véritable histoire' by Y.Simoneau & F. Leclerc


  • 2007: 'Marion' by Etienne Pherivong

  • 2006: 'Whodunit' by Gildas Le Pollès & Etienne Pherivong

  • 2005: 'Dr Kill & Mr Chance, the First RealityToon' by Jean-Yves Chalangeas & Fabrie Mathieu

  • 2004: 'Marée noire' by Yves Pouliquen

  • 2003: 'Les hommes et la rivière' by Bertrand Veyne

  • 1999: 'Attention' by Stéphane Schohn

  • 1998: 'Des cris sourds' by Stéphane Schohn