Emmanuel d'Orlando begins his career as orchestrator for other composers, especially a long and faithful collaboration with Eric Neveux from 2006 to 2011.

Emmanuel starts scoring movies with 'Making Plans for Lena' (Non ma fille tu n’iras pas danser), in collaboration with Alex Beaupain, directed by Christophe Honoré, and nominated at César 2008 for Best Original Soundtrack. Then, he collaborates with Gilles Marchand for 'Black Heaven' (L’autre monde), Régis Roinsart for 'Populaire' (co-composer with Rob), nominated at César 2013 for Best Original Soundtrack. He scores for Benoît Mariage ('Les rayures du zèbre'), Jonathan Helpert ('House of Time'), Florent Emilio-Siri ('Pension complète').

In 2017 will be released Audrey Dana's feature film 'Si j’étais un homme', in collaboration with Thibaut Barbillon. And 'Passade' directed by Gorune Aprikian.

He is also known for his arrangements on the famous Sébastien Tellier’s hit song 'La ritournelle'.

Emmanuel works for luxury and fashion: he creates a ballet for Cartier on a Blanca Li choreography. In 2014, he sets up with Sébastien Tellier the music of a Chanel show at Grand Palais (Paris). Since 2016, Emmanuel composes and arranges music for Balmain shows.


  • 'Le retour du héros' by Laurent Tirard - Orchestrations.
  • 'Al Salem Musical Journey' by Antoine Paï - Advertisement.
  • 'Qui a tué Néanderthal?' (52') by Thomas Cirotteau



  • 2017 : 'Si j'étais un homme' by Audrey Dana - Co-composition with Thibaud Barbillon
  • 2016 : 'Passade' by Gorune Aprikian
  • 2015 : 'Pension complète' by Florent Emilio-Siri
  • 2015 : 'House of Time' by Jonathan Helpert - Co-composition with Olivier Lliboutry
  • 2014 : 'Les rayures du zèbre' by Benoît Mariage
  • 2012 : 'Populaire' by Régis Roinsard - Co-composition with Rob
  • 2010 : 'L'autre monde' by Gilles Marchand
  • 2009 : 'Non ma fille tu n'iras pas danser' by Christophe Honoré - Co-composition with Alex Beaupain


  • 2014 : 'Terremere' by Aliou Sow
  • 2014 : 'L'homme qui en connaissait un rayon' by Alice Vial
  • 2012 : 'Zombie chéri' by Jérôme Genevray
  • 2012 : 'Double mixte' by Vincent Mariette
  • 2011 : 'Assis debout couché' by Edgard F. Grima
  • 2010 : 'Le Greenboy and the Dirty Girl' by Jérôme Genevray
  • 2009 : 'The Factory Fantasy' (L'usine à fantasmes) by Jérôme Genevray