Credits: Romin Favre

Credits: Romin Favre

Graduated of CIM Paris (International Music Academy) in piano jazz section, and revealed two times straight by the Real World competition (Peter Gabriel’s label), Julien Jaouen begins his career by composing for theater and short movies.

In 2014, he sees untrusting his first soundtrack with Dominique Farrugia's 'Bis', and recently for 'They are everywhere' (in association with Evgueni and Sacha Galperine) directed by Yvan Attal. In parallel, Julien works on numerous documentaries for TV.

In 2017, he collaborates a second time with Dominique Farrugia for the feature film 'Sous le même toit'. CSDEM awards him about the Best Soundtrack for a Documentary regarding the film 'Vivre avec les Loups' directed by Guillaume Maidatchevsky. Julien also gives his talent to advertisement with the campaign for Nissan Xtrail.

Mainly positonned on orchestral creation, Julien Jaouen's compositions are eclectic and pass by all musical genres, with this permanent concern to find the unstoppable melody.


  • 'Aïlo, une odyssée en Laponie' (cinema) by Guillaume Maidatchevsky - Release date: 13th of March, 2019.



  • 2017 : 'Sous le même toit' by Dominique Farrugia

  • 2016 : 'Ils sont partout' by Yvan Attal: co-composition with Evgueni and Sacha Galperine

  • 2016 : 'Street Dance Family' by Debbie Shutter and Adam Tysoe

  • 2015 : 'Night Fare' by Julien Seri (additional music)

  • 2015 : 'Dirtymoney' by Adam Tysoe

  • 2014 : 'Bis' by Dominique Farrugia

  • 2013 : 'Powerless' by David Sarrio


  • 2018: 'McDonalds Grumph'

  • 2017: Nissan XTrail (Europe)

  • 2017: UIMM (France)


  • 'Les requins dans la nuit' (52') by Luc Marescot

  • 'Qui a tué Néanderthal?' (52') by Thomas Cirotteau

  • 2016 : 'Une ferme sauvage : Carpates' (France 2) by Guillaume Maidatchevsky

  • 2016 : 'Une ferme sauvage : Jura' (France 2) by Guillaume Maidatchevsky

  • 2016 : 'Sur les toits des villes' (6x52' - Arte) by Xavier Lefebvre

  • 2015: 'Le babouin qui voulait être roi' (France 5) by Guillaume Maidatchevsky

  • 2015 : 'Un zoo à Paris saison 2' (10x26' - France 5) by Guy Beauché

  • 2015: 'Sel, notre poison quotidien' (Canal+) by Vincent Guerin


  • 2015: 'L'appel de la carotte bleue'