Descended from a film-makers family, Ulysse takes nevertheless the way of music. Violinist by training, he turns during his adolescence to electro music.

In 2008, he begins his composer's career with Joséphine Mackerras’s short movie 'L’enfant perdue'. In 2011, his parents Nicolas Klotz and Elisabeth Perceval entrust him the original soundtrack of 'Low Life' (co-composed with Romain Turzi). In 2013, he signs the soundtrack of 'Vandal' directed by Hélier Cisterne. He also works on projects of his sister Héléna Klotz ('L’âge atomique','Val d’Or','Bethlehem').

In 2016, is released Julien Samani's feature film 'Jeunesse': Ulysse demonstrates all his talent passing by electro themes to classic textures.

He composes numerous soundtracks for Gabriel Abrantes, with especially the film'Diamantino' winning Critic's Week Award at Cannes 2018.

Apart from his soundtrack composer career, Ulysse is member of Aamourocean, a future-pop electro band.



  • 'Jessica Forever' by Caroline Poggi & Jonathan Vinel - Release date: 01st of May, 2019.



  • 2018 : 'Diamantino' by Gabriel Abrantes & Daniel Schmidt

  • 2016 : 'Jeunesse' by Julien Samani

  • 2013 : 'Vandal' by Hélier Cisterne

  • 2012 : 'Atomic Age' by Héléna Klotz

  • 2011 : 'Low Life' by Nicolas Klotz and Elisabeth Perceval

  • 2008: 'Zombies' by Nicolas Klotz and Elisabeth Perceval


  • 2011 : 'Val d'or' by Héléna Klotz



  • 2018 : 'Le septième continent' by Noé Debré

  • 2016 : 'Os Humores Artificiais' by Gabriel Abrantes

  • 2014 : 'Bethlehem' by Héléna Klotz

  • 2014 : 'Les enfants' by Jean-Sébastien Chauvin

  • 2014 : 'Métamorphoses' by Shanti Masud

  • 2013 : 'Ennui ennui' by Gabriel Abrantes

  • 2009 : 'La ménagerie de Betty' by Isabelle Mayor

  • 2008 : 'L’enfant perdue' by Josephine Mackerras